A 100-year old temple at Chamarajanagar

In today’s world, everyone is so impatient to live their lives in the fast lane of their life that they are not able to take time out to celebrate the little-daily moments of joy that life has to offer.

Same holds good for many tourists on road-trips for as they cruise in those 4/6 lane highways towards their next holiday destination in their SUV’s and highend cars without even realising what they have missed out on their way.

When I was riding my bike with my fellow bikers on a beautiful morning towards Chamarajanagar in Karnataka, we crossed an old, half-ruined structure situated at around 500 metres from the highway road.

Although, in that moment, none of us had the patience of stopping by and checking it out but the curiosity about this structure lingered in the minds of few riders including me.

I was shocked to learn that most in our biking troupe didn’t even notice that structure. But, on our way back, we all decided to pay a visit to this place. When we reached this place, we realised it was old temple. As we went in, we saw the old ruined condition of this temple with many stone carvings and also various idols of gods. We were lucky enough to find the temple priest inside and more so that he was well-versed to communicate with us all in English language. We learnt from him that this old temple was about 100 years old and was one of the oldest temples in Chamarajanagar. The Gopuram of this temple, we were told, got destroyed as a result of natural calamities.

The main idol of this temple is that of a local goddess and every year this temple gets decorated for a special pooja which is attended to by many people of neighboring districts.

This temple visit filled our hearts with peace and satiated the curiosity of our minds.

The temple was right there, close to the highway, but unnoticed, everyone just cruises past it and gives it a miss.

We also may have missed exploring this ancient structure had we not made the efforts to stop by on our return journey.

This one incident taught me that often we too make the mistake of missing out on very important little things if we don’t give due attention to them, whether in the rat-race we all live in or on the roads.

After all, as author Rose Kennedy once aptly wrote that, “Life isn’t a matter of milestones, but of moments”.

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