About Us


We are Vasudha and Rajesh, two solo travelers who met atop Tiger’s Nest at Bhutan and then decided soon after to be each other’s trusted companions in ‘our journey’ of life.

Ghumakkad is a word in Hindi that is used to describe amongst many terms, a person who loves to travel and roam (which we can do endlessly) or a maverick…or any one from a non-conformist to a rebel. 

‘Ghumakkad’ as this blog goes here is a collection of our/ a maverick’s tales of life-its lessons, travels, books and movies, that have made us think and wonder.

We, both have undertaken travels long and far as a solo traveler, confronted situations, some adventurous, some enriching and some scary…being out of our comfort zone, in oblivious unknown surroundings is a challenge we look forward to.

This blog will thus be a collection of what we have seen, learnt and experienced in our travels and other roving encounters, individually and now, together.If you wonder, why we love to share our travel tales, it’s because Phillip Pullman once said, “After nourishment, shelter and companionship, stories are the thing we need most in the world.”

We will write back if you do…

Love and hugs,

Vasudha & Rajesh

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