An Island taken over by roots – ‘Ross Island’

Andaman and Nicobar islands are clusters of islands in the Bay of Bengal that become the Southern-most part of India. Ross Island is one of those islands amongst Andaman Islands, which is located on the Eastern side of Port Blair, home to the infamously-famous colonial prison termed ‘Kala Pani’ or ‘Cellular jail’.

Ross Island’s history dates back to pre-historic times but most development activities on these Islands took place during Danish and British rule. The island was later captured by the Japanese and has seen worst blood sheds in those wars and in an earthquake that shook these islands in 1941.

Ross Island is an island where no civilian settlement is allowed by the authorities. The island is under the control and maintenance of Indian Navy and it is being promoted as a tourist destination. Boat services are available from Port Blair to this place.

When I made my way to this Island, I took a government-operated boat service which are way cheap in comparison to private boat services.

As I entered the jetty, I could see those old Japanese canons pointing at me. As I took a walking tour across the Island, I learnt that in yesteryears, this island predominately served as residential area for the British officers and their families, which were later used by the Japanese officers. Remnants of these colonial houses and old standing buildings that have witnessed bloodshed and withstood jolts of powerful earthquakes have now been completely colonised by ‘roots’ of Trees that have spread and grown over and above these buildings.

It was an amazing, never-seen-before sight for me. The roots of trees seem to have taken over the whole islands. This picture conveys best what my words can’t!

I witnessed another astonishing incident at Ross Island, there is a lady-worker in this island who has a special God-given gift wherein when she makes a special sound, all the animals and birds in this island run towards. She then lays out grains and food for them to feed on.

Ross Island is a magnificent destination!

According to me, it is best to visit this place with your partner and even kids to make them witness nature’s power in close proximity.

What do you think?