Chhaya Cafe at Rajpur Road, Dehradun

This is the view of the Valley town of Dehradun, that one gets to see if you decide to spend some quiet time sipping tea and munching pakoras at ‘Chhaya’, a café run Ms. Annamma M. Ebenezer.

Ms. Annamma is not only the owner of this café, but also runs the Women’s Development Society, wherein women from this region are taught bakery, quilting and Tailoring work.

Most women who have been trained here in over the past decade and a half, are those who have overcome challenging personal situations and transformed themselves into leading skilled women leading empowered lives.

The tea and snacks, made and served by these women are sure to uplift your spirit too!

So, go grab a bite here when you are at Dehradun next. The Café is situated on Rajpur Road.

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