Coconut water: A natural, refreshing and cooling drink

For the traveler on-the-go in India’s sultry hot weather, sipping on fresh tender-coconut water or ‘Nariyal Pani’ as we call it, straight of the Coconut shell, is pure divine!

Not only does sipping coconut water keep you hydrated and helps you beat the heat, it is hygienic, healthy and very economical. In Delhi, I can buy it for Rs.40 per piece while down south, I can buy it for Rs. 25 per piece.

So be on the lookout for mounds of coconuts piled on the roadsides and stop by for a drink.

The coconut seller will ask you if you want ‘only water’ or ‘also flesh’. The flesh is the ‘soft coconut endosperm’ and I love it.

So once I have gulped the coconut water, I hand the coconut back to the lungi-clad man and he then uses his sickle-shaped knife to split the coconut shell into two halves. He uses a slice of the shell as a spoon to scrape the ‘flesh’ stuck to the inside of the shell and offers it back to me.

And I gratefully scoop it all in!

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