I had gone to Vapi, an industrial town in Gujarat on a work-visit. Once done with work and having never visited any Union Territory of our country other than Chandigarh, I headed to Daman, a Union Territory of India located just 13kms away from Vapi.

I chose an auto-rikshaw ride from Vapi to travel uptil Daman and the very good natured Driver also served as my guide to acquaint me with Daman.

Daman, is divided into two regions separated by the Daman Ganga river; these regions are Moti Daman and Nani Daman. ‘Moti’ is a Gujarati word meaning ‘Big’ while ‘Nani’ means ‘Small’.

We first passed through Moti Daman area which has an old Fort Complex, within which is housed the local Post office, Schools, Municipal Council office and many schools and Churches including the Bom Jesus Church.

While walking through the Fort area, I noticed that most old houses were locked. My Auto-Driver shared with me that most people in Daman have migrated to the United Kingdom. One such locked house had two benches made in concrete firmly grounded on both sides of the entrance door, which is where I sat and rested and read a book of mine for a mid-journey break.

Exiting the Fort Area I made my way to the Daman Ganga river bank. A few abandoned boats decorated the sides of the River Bank, while the functional boats served to ferry people from Moti Daman to Nani Daman.

After an appetizing Gujarati meal for lunch, I headed to Devika Beach to watch up close the waves from the Arabian Sea hitting our shores. I saw a low flying helicopter doing sorties in the region and later learnt that, also located in Daman, has a base for the Indian Coast Guard and this Helicopter being flown by a soldier from the Indian Coast Guard was on its duty of scanning India’s sea shores.

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