Desert splendour

The history of many Indian towns and its royalty, it’s culture and traditions, it’s battles and scars is narrated through its tall-standing storytellers – it’s Forts and it’s Palaces.

The 15th Century Mehrangarh Fort located in Jodhpur is one such marvel!

Standing tall at over 100 feet, it is placed perpendicularly on a cliff 400 metres above the city’s skyline.

Acknowledged as one of the best preserved Forts in the country, the famous author and Nobel Prize laureate Rudyard Kipling once had this to say about Mehrangarh Fort, that “The Palace might have been built by the Titans and is coloured by the morning sun”.

Travelling often opens us up to view the same thing in a different perspective, thus, keeping Sir Kipling’s morning sun filter aside, I tried to look at this imposing Fort made of red sandstone, through my lens in a different perspective and took this photograph.

P.S: Do visit the Mehrangarh Fort Museum while you are there, for a walk through history of this splendor. The tickets to the Museum are reasonably priced and it’s open on all days

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