Havelock Islands

For most Indians, the word ‘beach’ reminds them of Goa!

Though we often drool at the sight of pristine beaches in foreign lands that we see on TV Travel Shows and head to Goa for its lovely beaches, we would do well to remember that it is not the only beach destination available for us to visit in India. The white-sand, palm-lined beaches in the islands of Lakshwadeep and Andaman and Nicobar are a must visit for all beach-enthusiasts and nature lovers. Few of these islands are uninhabited and thus off limit for visitors, but then there are few islands which can be accessed by boats.

Amongst them, Havelock islands has some beautiful beaches. I was lucky to reach an island in there and capture this breathtaking view of the beach. I was the one of the few wandering souls in the whole stretch of this beach, feeling the cool breeze on my face and hearing the thunderous noise of the waves hitting the shoreline. 

I was grateful of having had the opportunity to see nature’s untouched beauty at this beach in its full glory. After having visited many commercialised and crowded beaches of our country, I, for once felt that this beach was not frequented by many humans. 

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