‘Jugaad’ – An Indian way of life!

‘Jugaad’ is what makes #IncredibleIndia an incredibly #InnovativeIndia. It refers to the spirit of Indians to find a way out of any tricky situation by using ‘out of the box’ thinking! So, whether it is bending the rules when faced by the recent #Demonetisation avalanche or using creativity to convert an an old tattered sari at home into soft warm ‘razai’/quilt by getting it filled in with cotton to embrace the winter season – it is all ‘jugaad’ at work here as most people find work-arounds to work their way through day-to-day complexities that mark the lives of 1.2 billion Indians.

As per Wikipedia, ‘Jugaad’ is colloquial Hindi (Devanagiri जुगाड़) and Punjabi word, which has various meanings depending on the situation.


This photograph shows a Do-it-Yourself mode of transportation or an indigenously #MadeinIndia vehicle that I managed to click on my road journey back from #Ranthambore in Rajasthan to Delhi.

Also termed ‘Jugaad’, this vehicle made of wooden planks and powered by diesel engines meant to power irrigation pumps – is frugal engineering at its best.

With the capacity to carry around 20 people and made with a cost of Rs.40,000-50,000/- , these vehicles are one of the most cost effective transportation solutions for rural Indians which helps them commute to remote areas which are still not connected with proper roads.

So as you travel around India, keep your eyes and brains open, for not only will you then be able to witness examples of ‘jugaad’ at work, but you will also have to use ‘jugaad’ to un-complicate your travels through this wonderful country of ours.

The end-result of travel within India would be a smarter you! 😛

What do you think?