Kunjapuri Temple

On our way from Chamba town to Rishikesh, while on a road trip through Uttarakhand, we did an early morning trek walking up 400 steps to the Kunjapuri Temple, located atop Kunjapuri Hill, 27kms from Rishikesh.

Kunjapuri Temple is a revered Hindu temple dedicated to the goddess Sati (the wife of lord Shiva, before she took birth as Goddess Parvati). It is one of the two most famously visited and worshipped temples of Tehri district, the other being Neelkantha Temple.

Folklore has it that Kunjapuri is the spot where the Chest or ‘Kunja’ of Goddess Sati’s body was found after the Sudarshan Chakra of Lord Vishnu, had disseminated it.

It was very foggy on the morning we visited here, as is evident from the photograph I have shared. It is said that on a clear day one can get wonderful panoramic view of the Himalayas on one side and River Ganga and the town of Rishikesh, on the other.

So if you are visiting Rishikesh and want to view a beautiful Sunrise or Sunset in the Himalayas while breathing in fresh air in an atmosphere made fragrant by the aroma of incense sticks, this is where you need to head to.

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