LADAKH: A Video travelogue

Since words can never be enough to describe the absolutely memorable experience of traveling across Ladakh, I stitched this video (scroll below) together to share the snippets of my journey across this majestic barren landscape with you all.

Ladakh is a place that you cannot see till you get on the road, and are ready to be driven across the mountains on long, often scary drives. Since I could never imagine braving the road drives through this terrain on my own, solo, I opted to undertake this journey with a Ladies-only group of five and our very resourceful and super skilled driver and guide for the trip, Thupstan.

We went to monasteries, palaces, camped overnight at the beautiful Pangong Lake, and in a tented camp lodge at Nubra valley; stayed in a traditional Ladakhi home and saw them milking cows and growing their own vegetables.

We experienced the hospitality of the warm people of this region, as we were treated to delightful vegetarian momos, and a traditional breakfast of Khambir (Ladakhi bread) and butter tea.

We visited the Khardung-La and Chang-La passes and saw, along the way, the varied flora and fauna that inhabits this terrain, like the Bactrian double-humped camels; Marmots, Mountain Sheep, Antelopes, Hares and Horses; and not to miss, the very loyal sheep dogs.

This journey was a healthy all-encompassing blend of a multitude of enriching experiences; all of which were enhanced because I was traveling with like-minded travel enthusiasts, interacting with locals, getting awe-inspired by magnificent landscapes and experiencing adventure -which included my first shot at wearing a body suit and doing white water rafting from Scorpochey to Nimoo; and floating as well in the calm waters of Zanskar just before getting down of the raft! That I almost drowned even while wearing the life-jacket, is a story for another day 🙂

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