Puducherry aka Pondicherry

Once a French colony, and currently a union territory of India, Puducherry has lots to offer for travellers.

For any short trip with friends and family based in Chennai, the first place which comes to my mind is Puducherry.

We just hop into the car and zip through the beautiful East Coast Road (ECR) and within three hours, we reach there. I have made numerous trips to this place and each time I have felt a new aura emanating from this place.

When in Puducherry, watch out for the numerous wall art in one end of the French quarters which most visitors tend to miss out on, visit Auroville if you are looking to seek ‘nirvana’, most foreign nationals can be spotted here. Have amazing French breakfast, and yummy desserts like the Italian Tiramisu at the Bakers Street Restaurant and stay overnight in those brightly coloured French Quarters converted into Hotels. You can gorge on mouth-watering Lasagnia and Italian Pizzas. Take a stroll on the Beach-Road and sip a coffee at Le-Café. End your day with a glass of drinks! But remember while you indulge, that carrying of liquor outside of Puducherry limits is prohibited, so buy only as much as you can have.

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