Random stopover on a Bike Ride to Munnar

It is said, that “Happiness is a way of travel – not a destination”. In India, there are not only beautiful places to visit, but also, the roads which lead to them are equally wondrous, and that is what prompts me to undertake road trips. Their openness, their strangeness beckons and I, often, set out on my bike to explore and embrace it all.

*This photograph was taken in the midst of a forest enroute to Munnar, a very famous tourist destination*

It was a perfect day for a morning ride, little bit of sunshine and partly cloudy. 8 of us friends decided to set out on our bikes to Munnar. As we approached the forests, it started to drizzle, undeterred we continued our drive. We drove into roads passing through thick forests, with not a vehicle other than the bikes on our troupe. Neither could we spot any shelter to take shade in as the clouds thundered and poured. We raised our throttles and continued to drive; and amidst the plundering rains, we experienced a sense of calm and felt happiness as that of getting drenched during good old school days, with no one watching us or complaining to our moms about our antics.

We were snapped out of a world of our dreams as we suddenly hit a juncture in front of us. All our bikes halted, while still running their engines. In front us was a huge pool of rainwater covering the road ahead. Without any hesitation, our trip leader took the initiative to cross it and we followed.

We sighted wild animals running helter-skelter in search of a spot of shade as well from the downpour.

At one point, the rain-gods showed some grace on us and the rain reduced momentarily, it was then that we took a short break and where I clicked this photograph.

Savouring the scenery and without wasting much time, we moved forward towards our destination, which was still far away. We reached a Forest Check-post where we were strictly told that we are not allowed to drive even an inch forward. On enquiring with the forest official, we understood that the bridge ahead on our road, has been damaged due to sudden flash floods, caused by this torrential rain.

We requested the forest officials to let us use their office space for a while before we head backwards; but they turned out to be more generous than we could ever imagine, as they offered us their guest rooms to rest and served us with hot tea and vada.

Only a true biker, drenched to their boots in the middle of thick forests, can understand perhaps, our delightful feelings of sipping a hot tea in that moment.

We never reached our planned destination, but the journey was awesome..for road trips are not measured by mile markers but by memories earned on them…

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