‘Sea Shore Temple’ at Mahabalipuram

With a temple located right at the edge of the Sea Shore and if rumours are to be believed, 6 more temples submerged underneath it – that’s the ‘Sea Shore Temple’ at Mahabalipuram or Mamallapuram for you!

Located at an hour’s drive from my hometown, that’s Chennai, we took a short trip to this site of architectural and cultural importance in the Southern part of India, which is also an acclaimed UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Many idols are have been excavated from the watertank next to Sea Shore Temple. After the Tsunami, a few more idols got resurfaced and are displayed for visitors to see. The other attractions are the ‘Pandava Chariots’ and ‘Arjun Penance’. There is a single large rock it’s called the ‘Krishna’s Butter ball’, as it looks like one.

Due to the large influx of foriegn nationals to this place, Mahabalipuram has some of the finest eateries and five star hotels, with each having a private beach section. These beach resorts are also sought after for holding “Destination weddings” these days.

All in all, I spent a fabulous day here with friends and family – enjoying myself at the beach, playing in water and tasting all those lip-smacking eatables available at the shore vendors.

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