Taj Mahal

Long before initiatives/campaigns like #IncredibleIndia were undertaken, it is the Taj Mahal, an acknowledged wonder of the world, the monument of love, a historical piece of architecture, which has for time immemorial attracted many tourists and travellers alike to India.

I am posting this photograph here because amidst all these stories that we have written about so far, the Taj seems to have been forgotten. Enough has been said and written about this monument on different forums, so I wouldn’t go into those details here, but all I want to share is that next time you visit or revisit Taj Mahal, do not enter it through the main gate, instead go behind the boundaries of the complex that houses the Taj Mahal and watch it from the other side of Yamuna river that flows in the Taj’s backyard.

And in case you have already started planning a trip here, remember the Taj Mahal is closed for public viewing on Friday. You can still watch it from the riverside though anytime, and that too for free.

What do you think?