Tangy Tamarind

Where else in the world can you see Spices being sun-dried in a winter sun?

In verandahs (courtyards) or rooftops of homes, big and small or even little huts and shanties, it’s here in India that you are most likely to see them all.

From Betel nuts down south to Tamarind up north of the country, colourful herbs and spices are sundried and later stored as it is in our kitchens or grinded into powdered spice mixtures or masalas that add to the aroma of Indian cuisine!

Most of them have medicinal properties and are used as part of various home remedies to cure common ailments and help add lustre to skin too.

In this photograph, I clicked the tangy Imli (Tamarind) being sun-dried at Sudama Basti in Delhi.

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